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€499 per candidate

Ideal for HR departments with existing knowledge of work visa processes that can take care of future employees.

  • Collaboration platform for entrepreneurs and applicants

  • Interactive help with tips and hints

  • Generated document package includes forms and all application documents

  • You know about the legal requirements and can control data and documents

  • You help candidates to find suitable accommodation and valid insurance

  • You help candidates with their orientation after their arrival in Austria

  • You have time to answer all the big and small questions of the candidates

Frequently asked questions

Can the success of an application be guaranteed?
No, this decision is the sole responsibility of the authority. The generated applications allow the authority to work more efficiently and thus reduce possible delays due to formal errors or missing documents.
Does offer legal advice?
In legal questions, reference is made to experts from our partner network. Our platform draws attention to the publicly available information at the right moment.
How long does a work visa application with take?
Decisions on the granting of a Red-White-Red Card residence permit must be made by the authorities within eight weeks of the application being submitted. Applications generated via cause significantly fewer additional requests for missing documents or incorrect data, which would otherwise lead to considerable delays.